Blue Moon

(Book 1 in The Blue Crystal Trilogy)

When 17-year old Emily Morgan meets beautiful but strange Theo de Lucis, there is an immediate attraction between them. But what is his secret? What ancient link ties him to Emily? And what is the significance of the Blue Moon Ball? As Emily is drawn irrevocably into the glamorous and mysterious world of the de Lucis family, she is forced to change every perception she has ever had about life, love, aging and death. The truth is terrifying and the consequences unthinkable in this supernatural horror story, based on society’s obsession with aging and the desire for eternal youth.

“Forget vampires,” he laughed dismissively. “Who wants to drink blood for eternity? What we have discovered is far more seductive and a great deal more dangerous…”


True Blue

(Book 2 in The Blue Crystal Trilogy)

In just two weeks, Emily must undergo the blue crystal initiation ceremony or face death from the secret order that protects it. But is she ready to spend eternity with the beautiful and irresistible Theo de Lucis, or can best friend, Seth, offer an alternative? And can she stay alive long enough to make the decision? As Emily considers her future, she becomes an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game of life and death, caught up in a supernatural world of ancient enemies, old grievances and dark forces. Tested to the limit, she must draw deep to ensure her survival.

An old enemy of the de Lucis family waits in the shadows, desperate for the crystal and preparing to exact a terrible price...


Into The Blue

(Book 3 in The Blue Crystal Trilogy)

The blue crystal is missing, her friends are dying and the future of the de Lucis family is at risk. Yet again, Emily is under threat. But this time she must give up everything she holds dear if she wants to save her friends and family. Is she willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? Is eternal youth still within her grasp? Is a future with Theo still possible or just a dream that is slipping through her fingers? The past returns to haunt the present, old secrets and ancient allegiances are revealed, and love combines with tragedy as the story reaches its terrifying conclusion.

A glamorous but deadly new enemy emerges and the Fallen Angel returns to exact a terrible revenge.


Abigail’s Affair

(Book 1 in the ‘Looking For Love’ series)

Reasoning that absence makes the heart grow fonder and attempting to force her married lover’s hand, 30 -year old Abigail Aske decides to visit an old friend in Australia. But staying with a 6’2” Amazonian fitness freak proves something of a challenge, as does maintaining ‘no contact’ with Jake, not to mention resisting other tempting ‘offers’. Set against a colourful Australian backdrop, with a host of quirky, emotionally dysfunctional characters, Abigail’s Affair tells of a woman’s search for love and happiness, revealing the highs and lows of having an affair, and showing how the experience of travel becomes a voyage of self-discovery, with surprising results.

A story of love, lies, betrayal and hope…


Find Your Sparkle – The 30-day Sparkle Plan

“Things are out of balance,” I said to a friend over coffee. “The only way I can function is to consume endless cups of coffee, bars of chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisps. I’m on a permanent sugar high and it’s doing me no good.”

“You need to get your sparkle back,” she told me.

I stared at her and had one of those eureka moments.

“That’s it! You’ve hit the nail on the head. I need to find my sparkle!”

And so the 30-day Sparkle Plan was born, a short, sharp fitness and wellness programme designed to wake up your energy, cleanse your system and improve your looks!

Who doesn’t want clearer skin, shinier hair, sparkling eyes and a trim figure, not to mention more get up and go? The Sparkle Plan is all about feeling healthy, thinking positively and looking good!

Start the plan today and find your sparkle!